A strong consortium of competitive logistics specialists

Challenging services should be under­taken by competent specialists. That is the philosophy of the IDEAL-GROUP. For over 20 years, our companies have been providing a variety of different industries with customised, comprehensive solu­tions from a complex range of ser­vices, including packaging, shipping and lo­gis­tics.

We are a service partner for businesses in the engineering, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries and in the food and drink sector. We also work with in­su­rance companies and print service providers.

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We are your full-service provider for packaging, fulfilment, warehousing,
e-commerce management, shipping, storage and production services. In short, we are the heart of the IDEAL-GROUP.

We are the food specialists of the IDEAL-GROUP. We take care of various food and drink-related services such as co-packing and displays – all in audited production and handling areas.

If you are looking to respond flexibly and quickly to seasonal peaks or to overcome bottlenecks with qualified teams, look no further than IS IDEAL-SERVICES.

The team at IDEAL-FULL SERVICE offers proven solutions for your entire e-commerce business, from multi­channel marketing, online shop systems and payment solutions to the more serious issue of collection.